PADCA is a vibrant, dynamic non-profit organisation based in Pietermaritzburg, a leader in senior care in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands (in South Africa) and a resource of choice for senior citizens and their families. We support people through the aging process, offering a continuum of services and care for seniors across the whole financial spectrum.

PADCA offers an extensive range of products and services, with a range of facilities at various pricing points. Whether the senior is looking to stay within the community or in one of the accommodation facilities, we strive to give them the support they need. The Social Work Department is intrinsic to the value PADCA adds.

The range of services ensures we are able to meet our seniors’ needs no matter the changes in health and financial circumstances - so seniors can remain within the PADCA family, utilising the service that best suits their lifestyle and budget. Our person-centred care forms a key part of PADCA’s point of difference.

We offer the hand of friendship to fellow organisations in the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources and are active on various forums to continually uphold standards and the rights of senior citizens.

PADCA was started in 1948 by concerned individuals to assist senior citizens with difficulties when collecting their pensions. In the intervening years it has grown to a substantial organisation caring for 600 seniors under roof and impacting 3000 seniors in the community. PADCA, a voluntary association, is a registered NPO with PBO status, with the authority to issue Section 18A receipts for donations which support the welfare arm of our services. The governance and policy decisions for the organisation are vested in the PADCA General Committee comprising 10 elected members.