Worldwide the incidence of dementia (including Alzheimer’s Disease) is on the increase; it is thought largely due to our increased longevity. Whatever the cause of dementia, the manifestation is similar and is extremely distressing to both sufferer and caregiver. At some stage, it is likely that the sufferer will need specialised care.

We honour all the spouses and caregivers who lovingly care for family in the community; when this is no longer possible, PADCA offers specialised dementia care at Riverside and Sunnyside Park homes and limited care at the Lodge, which is the frail care unit located at Woodgrove Retirement Village.

The demand for this specialised service is great so please ensure you contact us sooner rather than later.

Riverside Park Home hosts an Alzheimer's Support Group, which meets on the 1st Friday of every month at 10 am. Contact Lorna Brooks on 033 342 6009 or 084 596 6607 for more information.

The Parkinson’s Support Group meets on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 2.30 pm. Contact Jane Bannister on 033 3462132 or 082 940 0225 for more information.



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