While it is reassuring to know that only a small percentage of seniors will require frail and or specialised care in their lifetime, it is always a good idea to plan for such an eventuality by making application for frail care before it is needed.

PADCA has a total of 230 frail care beds available, at various pricing options, including subsidised frail care. The facilities are Sunnyside Park Home, Riverside Park Home and the Lodge at Woodgrove Retirement Village.

Frail care is a 24 hour, 365 day a year service and as such is an expensive care option. It must therefore be seen as the last, not the first option, for supporting seniors through the aging process. It is strongly recommended that seniors and families consult our social workers to fully explore this and other possible options.

PADCA understands that the move into frail care is a major life change and will do all we can to prepare each senior for this change.



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Our Philosophy

We ascribe to a philosophy of care which honours the individuality of every senior and encourages the active participation of the residents in activities and decisions.

The PADCA Family

As part of the PADCA family, you have access to the leadership and support of the umbrella organisation and residents have preferential access to the continuum of PADCA services.