Older Persons Campaign

Our #GOBLUE campaign is aimed at creating increased awareness of the needs of seniors in our Midlands community and the various ways individuals, schools or businesses can assist. We will be going all out to make a bigger impact in our 2018 campaign as we #goblue for the entire month of September.


We will have informative articles on, inter alia, dietary requirements, financial management and funeral planning, abuse, Alzheimer’s/ dementia and exercise regimes written by experts in their fields which will appear in the newspapers and on our Facebook and webpages throughout the month of September. Once again we will be manning a stand at the Hayfields Mall and will be joined on the day by various companies who will engage with the public in their field of expertise.


Create awareness in your school or business by liking our Facebook page, pinning the PADCA supplied information on your notice boards or including the information in your newsletters, purchase blue fabric and wrap lamp posts and trees outside your premises in blue or even encourage an initiative that will benefit the seniors in the community (you are welcome to give us a call for some suggestions).

At the end of the day no matter what you do, be it big and bold or small and personal, it will impact on and improve the life of an senior in our community and at the same time increase awareness of the plight of seniors.

Let us join hands and wrap the town blue and make a difference in an senior’s life - #GOBLUE