Older Persons Campaign

Join hands with PADCA during our Older Person Awareness Campaign! #GoBlue from 17 Sept – 12 Oct. as we focus specifically on the importance of Healthy Aging and draw attention to the benefits of remaining engaged and active as we all grow older.

Seniors face a number of challenges; financial, emotional as well as physical and creating awareness of these needs is essential to getting them assistance and the support they need.



We will have informative articles on, inter alia, dietary requirements, financial management and funeral planning, abuse, Alzheimer’s/ dementia and exercise regimes written by experts in their fields which will appear in the media and on our Facebook and web pages throughout the campaign.


So, PADCA is challenging the PMB community to wrap our city in blue (with a touch of lime green), be it trees or poles in front of your school, business or home to show support!

We'd also love you to share our flyer and articles and thoughts from our Facebook page, and we'd love to share what you are doing to support #GOBLUE and the seniors community in the Midlands.


For more information on any aspect of PADCA or #GOBLUE email Jean adminsec@padca.co.za