PADCA’s mission is to assist seniors at whatever age or stage they are which includes supporting the desire to live independently by offering both accommodation and support services. The current trend is for senior citizens to live independently in the community to a much greater age than was previously the case - perhaps only needing residential or more specialised care in their mid to late eighties.

PADCA’s range of services is available to all senior citizens aged 60 years and over, including independent living accommodation either on a rental or purchase basis. A compelling reason for PADCA to offer independent living accommodation in complexes is the safety of senior citizens. Seniors living alone are more vulnerable and increasingly targeted for burglary which may include injury and assault. In a secure complex the risk is less.

To support independent living outside of the facilities & complexes we run, PADCA offers a Home Care Aid service to provide additional care to seniors in their own homes. Suitable candidates are trained at Riverside Park Home which then facilitates linking the seniors with the trained carers, to enable them to continue to remain (with care) in their own homes in the community. We also offer advice and counselling, equipment hire and temporary convalescent care (Respite care) at both Riverside and Sunnyside Park Homes.

PADCA has embarked on an exciting collaboration with the Allison Homes Trust (Allison Homes is a fellow NPO which looks to offer affordable, secure, independent living for Seniors) as we are partnering to open 13 additional frail care beds at Sunnyside Park Home. The collaboration enables PADCA to add frail care beds, and it gives Allison Homes residents affordable frail care options.

Rental Accommodation

The Kurume Complex comprises 13 one bedroomed units (cottages and flats) for rent to seniors on a limited income. It is situated in Mount Michael and has a country “feel” about it.

PADCA has a close association with the Allison Homes Trust which supplies rental accommodation to seniors on limited and medium incomes; where PADCA is unable to supply suitable rental accommodation seniors are referred to the Allison Homes Trust.


Clivia Place (5 terraced cottages and 1 free standing house) and Woodgrove Retirement Village (195 units of various size and price) offer seniors the opportunity to purchase units on a life right basis.



woodgrove kurume clivia


Our Philosophy

We ascribe to a philosophy of care which honours the individuality of every senior and encourages the active participation of the residents in activities and decisions.

The PADCA Family

As part of the PADCA family, you have access to the leadership and support of the umbrella organisation and residents have preferential access to the continuum of PADCA services.