For seniors who cannot afford to buy a retirement home outright or who prefer the flexibility that renting allows them, PADCA has a number of options available at various price points.


Kurume, a cottage complex in Mount Michael, offers a flat rate rental for seniors wanting to live independently on relatively limited incomes. The rate is adjusted for single persons or couples and there is an upper income limiting order to reserve this relatively scarce accommodation for seniors within a certain income category.

Residential care is available at Sunnyside Park Home.

Frail care and dementia care is available at Sunnyside Park Home, Riverside Park Home and The Lodge (at Woodgrove).

In addition, PADCA has a close association with the Allison Homes Trust which specialises in independent living for seniors, either in town or in the Boughton area.



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Our Philosophy

We ascribe to a philosophy of care which honours the individuality of every senior and encourages the active participation of the residents in activities and decisions.

The PADCA Family

As part of the PADCA family, you have access to the leadership and support of the umbrella organisation and residents have preferential access to the continuum of PADCA services.