The Governance and Policy making body of PADCA is the General Committee comprising 10 members with the elected office bearers being the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer. PADCA Members are represented by the Honorary President and two Vice-Presidents elected at the AGM. All serve PADCA in a voluntary capacity.


The CEO leads the senior management team comprising 11 managers and deputy managers from the various departments and units making up the organisation. They are accountable to the PADCA General Committee. The latest PADCA AGM report gives a full list of current General Committee members and managers.


Margaret McCullough is the PADCA Ombudsman responsible for the independent investigation of any serious complaints of abuse, neglect or exploitation or violation of Constitutional or human rights, of any resident in any of PADCA’s facilities. Requests for intervention from residents (or members of their family or friends) need to be received in writing.

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There are 140 PADCA employed staff and a further 250 supplied by our outsourced partners for security, catering, cleaning and care services.

The general administration and financial functions are centralised at Head Office, together with the Social Work Department which includes the Social Workers, Accommodation Secretary and the Community Workers

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A group ambulance scheme is in place for the PADCA homes to ensure residents are conveyed to hospital with the minimum of delay in a medical emergency.

Sunnyside and Riverside Park Homes are visited by a state medical officer once a week to provide a medical service to the state pensioners. This is an enormous help in reducing the number of ...

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Volunteers started PADCA in 1948 and have played a pivotal role in growing the organisation ever since. Today over 200 volunteers are active in all aspects of its service including the governance of the organisation.

Non profit organisations are defined by the contributions of their volunteers, and PADCA's vision is met in large part by our volunteers who assist in making...

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